The PegLock System makes cleaning up and organizing your gun safe simple and efficient. PegLock boards can be attached to any flat surface making it one of the most versatile systems on the market today. 


The PegLock Standard Kit comes with everything you need to start your organization. With (4) 4" by 24" boards and 36 pegs and collars, you can get your gear stored in an organized way without breaking the bank

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The PegLock Strap Kit securely holds power tools and other similar bulky items. The PegLock Strap Kit is also ideal for securing tools in vehicles such as service technicians or construction tradesman vehicle. The PegLock strap kit has been used for securely transporting firearms.

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Extra PegLock Boards allow you to take customization to a whole new level. Sold in packs of (2) 4"x24" boards, you can add as many boards as you desire. 

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Use PegLock Pegs and Collars to organize tools, kitchen ware, hobby items, belts, keys, etc.                                      **Boards sold separately**

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The PegLock Accessory Kit can be used for specialized mounting requirements. With J-hooks, Hoops, Stoppers, Pistol Sticks and Threaded Studs, there is not a lot you CAN'T store with this kit.

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Pistol Sticks are a great way to keep your handguns neatly stored and organized or on display for all to see!

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